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Click Rate Tips

So, you’ve purchased your targeted audience list and figured out your optimal subject line. Now let’s focus on the message content. This is critical to persuading the user to click on your call to action. Here are some simple to follow click rate tips to include in your next email campaign.

As you can see from the image, by the time it comes to clicks, you have inevitably lost a large proportion of your audience. Indeed, surveys have shown you have likely lost around 50% of your audience who never even open emails. This might sound bad, but email marketing is about numbers, send a large enough volume and you can achieve your CTA goals at the right price.

Let’s see how to maximise the chances of getting clicks from that diminished audience.

Your message should have three key sections to it. Each with its own distinctive purpose.

1. Don’t go!

Your first task is to make sure your reader doesn’t immediately leave. The use of personalisation can be important here, as are keywords. Your reader will quickly glance through your message to see if they want to continue reading. Relevant and useful keywords will pique their interest and you will gain a few more seconds of their eyeball time.


2. …because this will interest you…

At Marketwise, you will always know what scientific area your audience are interested in.  Give them relevant, useful and interesting content to keep their attention. We can insert their discipline area for example, “Oncologists / Epidemiologists / Toxicologists discuss the latest breakthrough”.

Scientists are curious and generally like to keep up to date with new developments and breakthroughs. 

They don’t react well to a pure sales pitch, so keep it interesting and useful to build trust over time. Don’t expect too much from a single message.


3. …now learn more (click here) !

Close your message with a clear and simple call to action button. Its tempting to put lost of links to other related topics, but resist! You may think you are being helpful, but research has shown that too much choice can be debilitating.

So, don’t confuse your reader with lots of links, it must be totally clear what they should do next…


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