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Have you ever read a marketing guru recommend that you “Don’t buy email lists!”. Sometimes qualified as “Don’t buy generic email lists”. It’s easy to think the advice means “don’t buy any email lists”, so let’s unpack this a little further.

Obviously in an ideal world, everyone would have their own, fully opt-ed in list of subscribers that are interested in their product or service.  But the world is not ideal, people are often not even aware of what they want or need.

Generic email lists v Specific email lists

There is a world of difference between a completely generic list of email addresses and lists such as ours, which offer the chance at tight targeting within one specific area – science.  A generic email list provider will typically offer hundreds of thousands, or even milllions of emails at a low price.

Be very careful with this type of data, it may seem attractive to “scatter gun” a message widely. However it will likely fall foul of regulations such as GDPR, which calls for relevant messages only.  In some cases, your message may simply end up in the spam folder.

At Marketwise, we allow our customers to target the right people, so messages are relevant and interesting to those receiving them.  We can reach scientists, researchers, professors, heads of departments and more. Your message can get to senior people involved in the front line of the latest scientic research.

Some examples:




 You can use our data with confidence.

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