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Webinar Promotion

The move to increased home working has led to huge growth in the webinar market. Setting up a webinar is in many ways the easy part – getting the right people to attend is much harder. This is where a Marketwise targeted science webinar promotion campaign can really help.

Research shows that email is by far the best way to promote webinars.  Its easy to see why, across devices with a click or two, an invitation can be added to a calendar.  Convenience means a lot in this fast paced world.

Other promotional channels are also valid, such as LinkedIn Ads, web banner ads, google ads and so on. These are all useful as part of an overall campaign. The key difference with email is that it is proactively pushed into the persons inbox and does not rely on your potential customer browsing LinkedIn, or searching for a related keyword in google. With Marketwise targeting, you can reach the right inboxes.

Marketwise has built a special webinar promotion package “Webinar 1000“, that covers:

  1. 1000 scientists of your choosing
  2. Three email messages sent to every scientist in a sequence.
  3. Initial promotion, 3 weeks ahead of your webinar.
  4. First reminder, 1 week before.
  5. Last chance to attend! 2 days before.
  6. Campaign statistics report.

All for $330, €280 or £250. This is a saving of over 47% compared to our list price.

So why not give us a try and get your 2021 science webinars off to a flying start.

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