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A new needle free blood glucose testing system has been recently announced by researchers at the University of Newcastle, Australia.  Twenty years of research have gone into finding a way to accurately measure glucose in saliva. Typically the glucose levels are around 100 times lower than in blood, in addition, saliva is a much more diverse solution than blood. This means the glucose needs to be hunted out in amongst many other substances.

The team, under Professor Dastoor have now developed a Biosensor that can accurately measure glucose levels from saliva.  Additionally, the biosensor itself can be printed in huge volumes, relatively cheaply.

A small scale production system at the University has shown how large scale manufacturing could be achieved.


Printed glucose test strips


“Our vision was to create a world where no one needs to bleed in order to eat” – Professor Dastoor

With an estimated 460 million diabetics in the world today regularly using finger prick testing, this technology has the potential to change many lives and make needle free blood glucose testing a reality.

Further more, the biosensor is a general platform and already research, in conjunction with Harvard University is underway, to see if it can reliably detect for the Covid-19 virus.  Other potential applications could include Cancer and for allergies.

First consumer available products are due in 2023.  For more information, check out the University of Newcastle newsroom.

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