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Motor Neuron Disease

MND is a devastating disease with no known cure, impacting around 1 in 300 people to various degrees. It is this variation that is part of the problem when developing new treatments. Anything that helps deepen MND understanding is extremely welcome.


MND infographic

New MND research

Researchers based at Trinty College Dublin’s Neurology department performed a series of EEG (electroencephalography) scans.  The trial patients were newly diagnosed at Beaumont and St James Hospitals in Dublin, Ireland. With careful data analsyis, they identified 4 distinctive patterns of changes in electrical signals in the brain.

The four patterns enable researchers to more accurately assess a patients current MND status. Importantly from a research perspective, this enables treatments to be focused on the four different stages.

Subsequently, clinical trials can be targeted at these subcategories accurately. Previous trials had no detailed knowledge of a trial candidates MND progession.  Although not a treatment breakthrough itself, this is an important new MND understanding. The sub-categorization will help to speed research and trials into an eventual cure.


Further Reading

To read the full text, as published in “Brain”, by Oxford University Press, please visit this page.

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