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Science conference promotion

With the disruption caused by Covid-19 to the international conference season coming to an end, the challenges of a successful restart in 2021 are now all too apparent:

  • Some people will still be reluctant to travel for health reasons
  • Quarantine rules and hotel arrangements will need extra care
  • Flights are less frequent and more expensive.

All this means that communication is even more important, as is reaching out to more potential attendees than usual.  This is where Marketwise can help you, with the promotion of your science based conference.

Our huge database of scientists, researchers and academics has been carefully categorized into different marketsdisciplines and research areas.  Within each of these are many sub categories, such as Oncology, Diabetes, Biochemistry, Genetics and many, many more.

We have put together a specific conference package to help you quickly get your message out and start to build your attendee numbers.

Science conference promotion

The Conference 1500

Along with banner and search network based advertising, email is shown to be one of the key ways to promote a science based conference. We have created a powerful package to get your conference registrations off to a flying start.  Here’s what’s included in our “Conference 1500” package:

  1. 1500 targeted scientists, researchers and academics.
  2. Initial promotional message sent to all 1500 contacts. Please see our Subject line and Content pages for optimisation advice.
  3. Three further messages sent to all 1500*, to help nudge people over the line.
  4. Timing of the messages are up to you, but we suggest the first message is sent at least 4 months ahead of the conference.
  5. Statistics report.

* unless unsubscribed after the previous message

What does it cost?

The Conference 1500 has a flat fee of $510, €415 or £375. This package saves you almost 50% compared to our individual list pricing. Higher numbers of contacts are available, with the fee rising in proportion. For example 3000 contacts would be double the price.

Target audience can be based on a combination of discipline, market, research area and country only, ie no custom searches. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Any unused messages expire after the conference, unless otherwise agreed.