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Applied life science email lists

Marketwise offers various applied life science email lists. We hold a significant number of contacts for the applied life sciences working in a wide variety of roles and locations. As a result, you can reach the right contacts for your product or service.

The applied life sciences build on the basic life sciences we cover here. There is often a close relationship with other disciplines, please see our more detailed descriptions to see the most closely related disciplines and applications, in other words, you can safely widen your target audience.

Often the applied life sciences are used in a more commercial way than the base life sciences. For example Biotechnology uses foundational life sciences such as Bioinformatics and Biochemistry to produce new “bio-products” that can in turn be protected by intellectual property rights.  Genomics builds on the genetics field and looks at an entire set of genes, rather than individual genes.

Please click on the individual links below to see further details of each applied life science that we have categorised.

The parent discipline page, which is the Foundational Life Science, can be found here.

Applied life science hierarchy
Product and service promotion

Promote your product or service within this email list to help generate new sales, raise awareness or communicate special offers.

Use related categories to build your own custom contact email list.

New lead generation

Fill your sales pipeline with potential new leads. Push your marketing message out to new contacts.

Build new interest and start to create your own mailing list with converted contacts.

Event Promotion

Grow your attendees for your webinars with early promotional campaigns.

Use our dedicated conference package to send a sequence of messages to targeted scientists.


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