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Editorial Guidelines


In order to maintain the highest possible quality of our website, we control all of our content and do not accept content for publication from third parties.  Our content is created using the following editorial guidelines.


Our Goals

We aim to provide our readers with accurate and useful content that will help them achieve success in their scientific or general B2B email marketing activities.  Our goal is to provide the best and most granular scientific and B2B email list information on the internet.


Our Strategy

We aim to achieve our goals by providing detailed information on each of our scientific based and B2B focused email lists we have available. We also list generic email marketing hints and tips, in order to maximise the performance of email marketing campaigns.

Our Blog contains a mixture of latest email marketing tips and also relevant scientific and B2B news stories, as useful background information when trying to build a custom email list.


Accuracy of information

Our website content avoids opinions and uses checkable facts. All scientific news articles are based on peer reviewed publicly available papers. Our general B2B articles are based on high quality sources, such as Statista, the BBC and other national news sites.

Our marketing hints and tips are either based on industry available information, or our own research, such as a case study from a real campaign.

If any information is later found to be false, or inaccurate, it will be immediately removed.

Links are provided as examples, other similar sites are also used.



If you have any feedback on the content of this website or our editorial guidelines, please email info@marketwise.co.uk or use the contact us button and fill out the form. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to hearing from you. 

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