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Science email lists

Do you need a science email list to promote a product or service within the science community? Here at Marketwise, we realised that email marketing to scientists is different from general B2B or B2C email marketing. More depth of knowledge and scientific understanding is needed, to help our customers be successful in this niche.

This is why our science email lists have categorized over 30 diseases and almost 60 research areas, on top of more than 60 disciplines and over 10 market segments.  We have yet to discover another provider with such a granular scientific email list database

Our science email lists enable you to run highly targeted, effective science email marketing campaigns.  Reach highly qualified scientists and researchers working across commercial companies, academia and non-profit research institutions.

Good targeting is critical for email marketing campaigns to be effective and consequently offer great value for money. This is why we put so much focus on the accuracy of our science email list.

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Our cleaned and accurate data means you will experience fewer bounces, can personalize with higher confidence and therefore expect to see higher response rates.

With over 500 checks on every contact, we believe our science email list database is the most accurate and granular available today.


Email marketing to Scientists

We are often asked for specific advice for how to improve email marketing to scientists. Over the years we have seen many different campaigns and we can now summarise our recommendations in three simple ways:

    1. Firstly, you must come across as credible. Remember most of our contacts are PhD qualified or higher. Respect their knowledge and show you know your stuff.
    2. Second you must be concise. Researchers are busy people, so keep your message short, take the time to cut out fluffy sales waffle.
    3. Thirdly create curiosity. Scientists are by nature curious and always seeking new knowledge that is relevant to them.  In our experience, a message that creates a sense of curiosity in the reader invokes a better response.

Be Credible, be Concise and say something that creates Curiosity. If you can do these three things, you should see good results from our science email lists. 


Target by market sector. These include areas such as the Chemical industry, Pharmaceuticals, Universities, Medical Research or Veterinary research.


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Target your campaign by scientific discipline. These include areas such as Biotechnology, Physics, Endocrinology, Genetics, microbiology or Oncology.


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Research Areas

Target your campaign by research area, or technology.  Examples are Cancer, diabetes, epilepsy or RT-PCR, Mass Spectrometry of Flow Cytometry.


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Science email lists filters

Country Targeting

Targeted science email marketing

Step one is to select your Disciplines, Markets, Research Areas of choice and geographic reach of your campaign. Marketwise will carefully filter our science email list and let you know how many possible targets meet your criteria. Depending on the outcome, you may wish to tighten your choices further, or open it up a little, to reach adjacent prospects.

If you have any queries, please send us an email, or use the contact us form. We aim to reply to all messages within 2 working days. If your query is more urgent, please let us know.

The database is regularly cleaned and updated, as a result, we ensure the highest accuracy. Our lists are used frequently by many well-known Science companies, scientific organisations, conference producers, market researchers and publishers.

For help planning your email campaign, either with us, or for yourself, please visit this dedicated page.

The Right Data for the Right Results


You need to be sure your message is getting to the right person.

With a combination of human and machine analysis, our database is cleaned and categorized to the highest accuracy and quality.

You can target with confidence.


You don't need to settle for simple off-the-shelve categories.

Combine ANY of our filters with countries / regions to build your own fully customized email list.

Don't see what you need? No problem, pick your own keywords.


Our multi-stage email verification process checks syntax, removes generic emails, confirms domains and SMTP responses.

Our bounce-back guarantee will replace anything below 90% delivery.

Your investment is safe with us.

Selecting your audience

Some example combinations of targeting are:

Targeting science email lists options table

Sending your email marketing campaign

Marketwise is highly experienced in e-marketing and offers an excellent service for your email campaign. We provide a low cost, but highly effective emailing solution based around two options: Promote and Nurture. We can provide full results statistical analysis and recommendations, therefore maximising the value you receive. Your email message can be transmitted when you want, helping to  maximise effectiveness. We can advise you about design and text changes to improve your email campaigns open rate and click rates.


Data Purchase

If you prefer to purchase the email list data outright, to integrate into your email marketing platform such as HubSpot, just let us know, we can provide csv or excel compatible file formats to deliver data to you. We will provide the following fields for you to import, to help you personalise and segment your  messages to the right audience:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
    • Market segment
    • Scientific Disciplines
    • Research Disease and or Research Areas
    • Country

A personal service

Marketwise is an SME business, we minimise our costs to offer our services at very competitive prices. It also allows us to deal with your enquiries and orders at a personal level, assuring you of the best possible service. If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service, let us know and we will do our utmost to put it right.  Your success is our success. 

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