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Chief Security Officer, CSO email list

Marketwise’s CSO email list is one of our executive email lists. Get your marketing message in front of CSOs from around the world and in multiple markets such as financials, retail and telecoms. Marketwise’s extensive database of technology users contains many CSO’s. Therefore we can enable you to promote your company’s security related product or service to this important user group.

The role of the CSO has evolved over time, from core protection of physical people and property to more recently, the cyber realm. Our CSO email list also covers CISOs, Chief Information Security Officers, who have a pure focus on cyber security.

CSO’s responsibilities

A CSO’s main responsibilities include protecting a company’s assets from phishing, malware, hacking and other cyber threats and managing the security budget. This is a critical task for every company.

Day to day, the CSO will react to the now almost daily reports of new and more audacious attacks that occur. No company is safe, meaning this is an important user group.

If you have a product or service to sell in the security space, our CSO email list is a great place to start.

In summary, appeal to their security concerns and curiosity with a direct email campaign. Boost your sales pipeline and get fast results with our CSO email list.

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Building your custom technology email list

There are four ways to build your custom email list. Select a market, for example, telecoms and / or finance. Second combine with job roles of interest, such as CTOs, Network architects. Third choose skills / technologies, such as SD-WAN, AWS or Security. Lastly select the geographic reach of your campaign by individual countries or regions, such as USA, UK or EMEA, APAC.

Tech targeting

Popular technology roles

Often it is a particular job function that sales and marketing need to target. We cover all of the major job roles in the technology industry, some of the most popular are listed below:

CTO CSO Data Scientist IT Director VP Cloud VP Support

Technology email list cost example

Get your marketing message out to thousands of potential new technology user customers and nurture them to build interest.

For example, sending a message to 5,000 contacts from this list, with two follow up messages would cost just $2,110 / €1,660 / £1,500. That's just $0.14 for a message, going directly to a highly targeted contacts inbox.

We have some special packages for Webinar promotions and also to help you get more attendees for your conference / exhibition.

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We can help make sure you get the most from your direct email marketing campaign.