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Cyber Security

Cyber Security users email list

Marketwise’s Cyber Security users email list is one of our technology skills email list. Get your marketing message in front of people working in the cyber security field, from around the world, in multiple markets such as Financial, Telecoms and Retailers. Marketwise’s extensive database of technology users contains many cyber security professionals.

Cyber Security users work on a range of topics, common areas of focus include maintaining the security and integrity of an institutions network and also attempting to stay ahead of hackers and cyber criminals.

Email marketing to Cyber Security users

Our cyber security email list contains contact details of experts and decision makers working in the cyber security field.

Customise your cyber security users email list by combining filters such as:

    • Cyber security users + Telecoms + USA + Canada
    • Cyber security users + Financial + CSO

If you have a product or service to sell in the Cyber Security users space, our cyber security email list is a great place to start.

Sell with emotions, talk to their cyber security excitement or fear of missing out and desire to update their skills, with a direct email campaign. Boost your sales pipeline and get fast results with our Cyber Security users email list.

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Building your custom technology email list

There are four ways to build your custom email list. Select a market, for example, telecoms and / or finance. Second combine with job roles of interest, such as CTOs or Network architects. Third choose skills / technologies, such as Big Data, AWS or Security. Lastly select the geographic reach of your campaign by individual countries or regions, such as USA, UK or EMEA, APAC.

Marketwise Technology Users email list

Popular technology filters

Often it is a particular job function within a market, or contacts with a particular skillset that sales and marketing need to target. We cover all of the major skills, markets and job roles in the technology industry, some of the most popular are listed below:

CTO   |   CSO   |   SD-WAN  |   Cloud Compute   |   Telecoms  |   Retailers

Technology email list cost example

Get your marketing message out to thousands of potential new technology user customers and nurture them to build interest.

For example, sending a message to 5,000 contacts from this list, with two follow up messages would cost just $2,110 / €1,660 / £1,500. That's just $0.14 for a message, going directly to a highly targeted contacts inbox.

Rather send the messages yourself? No problem we can deliver data as a csv or xls for easy import into your marketing platform. Different pricing applies.

We also have some special packages for Webinar promotions and also to help you get more attendees for your conference / exhibition.

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Email Marketing Tips

Don't forget to check out our top email marketing hints and tips, built up over the last 20+ years.  We cover all the main topics, from A/B testing, to how to improve open rates and click through rates, to avoiding the spam folder and the importance of contact nurturing.

We can help make sure you get the most from your direct email marketing campaign.

Validated and Verified data for technology users

Marketwise puts resources every week into keeping our data clean, accurate and up to date. We use a combination of both manual effort and automation to ensure our skills, people and markets are accurate.

Cleaned data means you can personalise with higher confidence and therefore expect to see higher response rates and lower spam detection rates.

Target the exact job title, market or skill that you need. Start building new sales leads fast.

Available data:

Data card

Email Deliverability

Our multi-stage process means that we are confident in very high (>95%) email deliverability. Our data is always cleaned after every use, with unsubscribes and bounces removed. In other words, you can have confidence your message will actually reach the inbox of the right person.

Learn how you can help improve your email deliverability with our guide to avoiding the spam folder.



Choose individual countries, regions or combinations, such as "Europe, but exclude Switzerland", or "North America and Brazil".


Data policies compliant

If we are delivering your messages, we comply to all relevant laws, such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM so you don't have to worry.