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Although as we write, most countries are still battling with Covid-19, 2021 looks likely to see the re-emergence of international conferences.  The summer and fall / autumn appear to offer a high chance of being able to successfully run a conference, with attendees flying in as per the old “normal”. The International Cancer Conference is a good example.

If you are planning a conference in 2021, we can help you avoid empty conference halls by getting conference attendees !

Marketwise has built a custom conference promotion package “Conference 1500“, that covers:

  1. 1500 scientists of your choosing
  2. Help creating your messages for optimal response.
  3. Four email messages sent to every scientist in a sequence.
  4. Initial promotion, 4-6 months ahead of your conference.
  5. First registration reminder, 3 months before.
  6. Second reminder, 2 months before.
  7. Last chance to attend! 1 month before.
  8. Campaign statistics report.

Of course you can determine the timing of your message and the content, the above are our suggestions only.  We will cross check against your members / attendees, to ensure there are no duplicates.

All for $510, €415 or £375. This is a saving of over 49% compared to our list price. Higher numbers of scientists and researchers are also available, just let us know what you need.

So why not give us a try and give your 2021 science conference attendee numbers a boost.

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