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Call to Action best practise

Two items stand out in email marketing: subject lines and the Call to Action (CTA). Here are our CTA tips to help you improve you click and conversion rates.

Tip 1: Invest time in the CTA

Let’s start with the brutal truth. “Click here” and “Submit” are TERRIBLE as CTA text ! They are a lazy and easy choice, but they are suboptimal and will hurt your click rates.

Good CTA text tells someone what will happen when they click. 

Instead of the infamous click here, try “Learn how to XYZ…”.  Mostly the CTA is about getting someone to take the next step. Don’t be tempted to jump straight to the end, go one step at a time and make more progress on your landing page.


Tip 2: Try Question and Answer CTAs

CTAs shouldn’t be too long, but sometimes it’s hard to think of ways to cut them down. A good strategy is to ask a question and then have the CTA answer it. For example:

You need to build a corporate sustainability strategy, but are unsure where to start?

Tip 3: Make it personal

As we have written about before, people respond less well to generic text that doesn’t feel like it’s written with them in mind.  The same applies to the CTA.  With Marketwise, we can help, by providing audience personalisation including name, job and market sectors. Just let us know and we can help match your content to the audience.

A final thought

If you are looking for a quick way to start to generate ideas for your killer CTA text:

I want to <CTA goes here>

This will force you to think about your audience and what they want to do.


Our final plea is to allow more time to think about your CTA text. An extra hour focusing on the CTA text should raise your CTR and be time very well spent.