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The Big Five for 23

We always enjoy seeing visitor stats for our content and finding out what have been the most popular posts for 2023. Our aim is always to provide great advice, to help you build and run the most successful email marketing campaigns possible.

So in reverse order, here is 2023’s top 5 most popular content from our blog.

Number 5

Only published in August, but already seeing a lot of hits.

Inspired by John Cleese and Monty Python, “How to be Creative” gives practical tips to help you be more creative. Peace and quiet is step 1. Enjoy!

Being creative

Blog: How to be Creative!

Number 4

Published over a year ago, but still pulling in the visitors is “Speed v Accuracy”.

Pretending to be about our high quality email data, this post is really about the human condition to always favour a quick hit, over slow and steady progress. We all know we should spend more time planning, but modern working environments are often not conducive. Fight back and work for the longer term!

speed v accuracy

Blog: Speed v Accuracy email data

Number 3

Published in 2022, “Just Open the Email!” is one of our favourites.

Subject lines are THE MOST IMPORTANT part of email marketing, so we like to publish some updated hints and tips regularly. The five tips in this blog post have proved popular and we hope they helped you increase your open rates.

Open the email!

Blog: Just open the damn email!

Number 2

Published in the middle of 2022, “Email marketing campaigns for scientists” gives a short overview of planning and executing great campaigns.

Although targeted at scientists, the main principles apply across the B2B sector as well. 

Five steps to a great email marketing campaign

Blog: Email marketing campaigns for scientists

Number 1

From February 2023, “Building the Perfect Post” is our number one article for 2023. 

This article reveals our secret sauce for writing articles on this and other websites. With simple to follow 7 steps, this outlines a great structure for your posts and articles. Typically used to build a landing page from your email campaign. 

Although outside the top 5, we recommend “Know thine Enemy” in conjunction with this post, to help write even more compelling copy. 

Structure of a perfect post

Blog: The perfect post

That’s our top five content for 2023. We hope you found them useful and informative. Writing good email marketing content is not easy, but it can really make a huge difference to the outcome of your campaigns.