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Image: The Spam police examine another failed email campaign, rushed out of the door.

The temptation of quick gratification


As I sit here, trying to compose an insightful article about Speed v Accuracy in email marketing, my brain is fighting the temptation to switch browser tabs, open Twitter and go get some quick dopamine hits!   We are hard wired to want to experience pleasure quickly and (at least in the office) that is often best achieved by seeing likes and upticks on social media platforms.


The twin evils

Many surveys and studies have shown the downsides of social media, we even blogged about a link to depression and social media use here.  A secondary evil of social media is its ability to create an

I want it NOW!

attitude across other aspects of life.  This need for speed can overwhelm other more logical thoughts. So you can hurtle recklessly into the next project.


The need for speed


Accuracy is always more important


It’s hard to think of any activity, where pure speed is more important than accuracy (answers in the comments below please!).  When it comes to Marketing, accuracy is often also a legal requirement (to prevent spam complaints).  

Speed is tempting:

    • “Download an email list now!” 
    • “Immediate access to the email list data!” 
    • “Start your campaigns now with email data today!” 


Accuracy however means:

    • “Let’s really understand your requirements”
    • “Describe your ideal marketing persona?”
    • “Do you really need contacts in the retail sector?”

Accurate and determined always wins


We do not offer immediate access to our data. We want to take time to understand what you need and give you the best possible data. Why? Because we aren’t interested in the thrill of a quick sale, we want to build lasting business relationships and that means selling the highest possible quality data.

We aim to:

    • Understand your business need.
    • Help select the best possible email list data for you.
    • Provide you with an accurate service.

Building relationships with clients is as important to us as it is to you. 

Don’t be tempted with a quick solution, the data will be less relevant and in the worst case, could land you in trouble with the spam police. Our data undergoes over 500 classification checks on every contact, to help ensure high quality.

We look forward to helping you achieve your marketing goals. Oh and I made it without switching to Twitter, that’s a real dopamine hit!

Steady progress wins

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